High-Efficiency Procurement

This information has gone stale!

Fortunately, alternative means have become available for automating your Craigslist searching.

Check out the Craigslist channel on IFTTT: https://ifttt.com/craigslist

If your Craigslist hunting strategy involves hitting 'refresh' a whole bunch of times, there is a Better Way.

Not everyone knows about List Alert: http://www.list-alert.com/.

This needs to change.

Setting up a Craigslist alert to find me a bread machine in the East Bay is as easy as:

After hitting 'Search', you can type your email into the box and hit 'Create Alert'.  You'll have to confirm your email address to start things up.  Creating an account is optional, but it gives you the ability to quickly and easily create and edit alerts from http://www.list-alert.com/search/my_searches.cfm.

I created this alert at the beginning of the week.  Taken yesterday evening:

Bread-y success!

I haven't turned the alert off yet, so they keep coming in:

If you're an EBay user, you can do something very similar by saving a search and selecting 'sign up for emails'.

Happy robo-baking!

(or happy... whatever it is you do on Craigslist)