What follows is a complete list of the 90 articles published so far, organized by subject matter.
I'm sharing what I've learned in the hopes that others will benefit.
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The Why

who am I, what am I blogging about, and why am I blogging about it?

Mind Your Money Mustache
the philosophical underpinnings of my efforts

Must-Read: Raptitude
"getting better at being human"

Financial Independence and the Maker Movement
if we had more time to play, oh, the things we might Make!

Investing Guidelines

Financial Risk (Or: You Can't Afford Not To Invest)
required reading for investment beginners

Financial Order of Operations
everything in its right time and place

The Sky Is Falling!
when the markets go insane, just keep calm and carry on

The Power of Index Mutual Funds

it's stupid and you shouldn't do it

Index Funds
the cornerstone of every sane investment strategy

John Bogle
an ode to a financial industry hero and inventor of the index fund

the hero's company

Moving to Vanguard
figuring out whether to move your existing investments, and if so, how to go about it

Asset Allocation
making intelligent decisions about what to buy

Roth IRA (Retirement Savings)

Nontraditional Investments
going beyond stocks and bonds

Simulating Historical Investment Returns
how has the stock market performed in the past?

Invest Today with a Roth IRA
for most people, the ideal starting point for retirement savings

Roth IRA Questions Answered
brokerage selection, rollovers, and qualified earnings withdrawals

IRA Contribution Deadline
through April 15th, you can still contribute toward last year's limits

Giving — Or Getting — The Gift of an IRA
if you have income, others can contribute to an IRA on your behalf

Investing With $100
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFS) can let you get started with as little as $50-100

529 Plan (Education Savings)

Graduate Students, Roth IRAs, and 529 Plans
a tax-advantaged investment alternative for students lacking 'earned income'

Choosing a 529 Plan
minimize taxes and maximize rate-of-return with the right education savings plan

529 Plans versus the UTMA
the 529 plan is your best bet!

529 Plans as an Estate Planning Tool
a great way to hide money!

529 Plan Student Aid Impact
grandparents beware!

Thrift Savings Plan (US Gov't & Military)

Want To Retire Early? Join the Military.
powerful tools for retirement prep: the US Military Pension and the Thrift Savings Plan

Saving While Deployed: The Savings Deposit Program
a zero-risk savings account with a guaranteed 10% interest rate

Credit and Debt

Free Credit Scores
it is, in fact, possible (and desirable) to get these

The Debit Card Trap
debit card usage does nothing for your credit score

Free Money Transfers with Google Wallet
a totally free service that allows you to attach money to an email, as you would a file

Credit Card Debt
it's bad!

Keeping Track of Your Finances
using to keep tabs on your transactions and financial status

Monitoring Your Credit
using your free annual credit reports to keep tabs on your credit health

Cashback Credit Cards
used correctly, these cards can save you significant cash; check out my recommendations

Expense Reduction

Back to Basics
the finance blogosphere is full of all kinds of crazy advice... and you can safely ignore most of it

Save Money with Open Source Software
it's free, it's awesome, and it's good for your health

Save Money on Printing
inkjet printers are evil

Storage Units: An Unfortunate Trend
an excellent way to spend a bunch of money with zero positive effect

Thrift Is Beautiful: Food
using calories-per-dollar and protein-per-dollar to see foods in a different light

Thrift Is Beautiful: Fermentation
a delicious, healthy, cheap, safe, social way to live a better life

Durable Goods: Cast Iron
a thrifty cooking solution that you can will to the grandkids

Thrift Is Beautiful: The Gym
if you're paying for a gym membership, make sure you're getting what you pay for

sell it or put it back to work!

using web tools to make buying on Craigslist even easier

Google Voice: The $0 Phone Plan
an easy way to save some money

Productivity Tools

Fun with Google Chrome
tips for getting around the web faster with Google's Chrome web browser

External Motivation
web tools for building and reinforcing good habits

Notetaking with Google
using Google Keep to keep track of everyday thoughts and ideas

Reducing Spam, Noise, and Bacn
take these steps to reduce distracting spam and noise

Configuring Gmail for Productivity
optimizing email productivity with Google's webmail

Technical and Historical Asides

Beautiful Math On Your Website
using MathJax to pretty things up a bit

Blog Tools
a how-to overview of the tools I've used to build and run this blog

Non-QWERTY Keyboard Layouts
a fun aside on non-standard keyboard configurations

Open Source Office Software
an overview of no-cost and open-source office software

Alternative Energy
a brief look into the costs and feasibility of alternative energy

The Ginger Beer Plant
the convoluted tale of the loss (and rediscovery) of a very delicious fermentation

The Moon
a few thoughts on the Moon missions of the mid-1900's

Space Rocks and You
a response to the astronomical close-calls of early 2013

Historical US Income Taxes
modern income taxes are very low, historically speaking

Historical US Estate Taxes
modern estate taxes, too, are at historic lows

Effective Annualized Returns
lump sum investment versus continuous contributions

Social Security
how and why the US Social Security system is in such bad condition

Happy New Years 2013
'hello world'

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