Republic Wireless: T+16 Months

After two years of forgoing a cell phone entirely, I shacked up with Republic Wireless in November 2014.  A year later, I've upgraded my phone and converted my family and several friends.

Why the about-face?

$10 for unlimited cellular calling and texting, no contract
1.5¢ per megabyte for 4G cellular data over the Sprint network

Using Republic's advanced data management tools to keep most of my data going over wifi, my usage is generally around 330MB, yielding a bill of $15 per month (+$2 in taxes and fees).

Unfortunately, Republic's special firmware requires you to use one of their phones.  Fortunately they're cool with used phones, and I bought my Moto X 2013, later upgraded to a Moto X 2014, on Ebay at a substantial discount.
my venerable Moto X 2013; upgraded to the 2014 and this went to grandpa!

The Sprint network's coverage is great in the Bay Area, but if you're worried it won't be so great in yours, Republic has a 30-day money-back guarantee on phones purchased from them.  The phone makes calls and texts over wifi whenever it can, so it works great if your workplace also happens to be fifty feet underground.

I don't use affiliate links, so I'm not telling you about Republic Wireless to make money—I'm telling you about Republic Wireless because Republic Wireless is awesome.

It was very possible to spend over $100 per month just on cell phone bills in 2015.  If you invested the money saved with Republic in low-cost mutual funds instead, you'd be $1000 richer!

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If you're willing to pay a premium for a better phone and need worldwide coverage, check out Google Fi.